They Are Simply Amazing

I love black cats, without care that many people around me do not like black cats (because they think  , black cats will bring you unhappines X_X) or not care , that many people around me do not like cats anyway. Why i love them? I don't know. Maybe because they are just amazingly adorable for me ^^ . How long i remember myself, such long time i love cats.  Here is my own black cat :) 

Bekther Bekther
22-25, M
8 Responses Jul 14, 2010

Oh, such a pity. :) <br />
Will waiting when your son help you to upload their pictures ;)

I wish I could but don't know how. Plus am using my husband's computer till I get a new one so I dont<br />
have a lot of control with this one. They are adorable, Whiskers and Keepers. I would love to put <br />
them on. Maybe when son comes over I can get him to! : )

aw, thank you a lot.^^ My black cat have interesting personality - he is very friendly, but too hostile for strangers :) People must be tolerate to him, and then he stop to be.<br />
Can you share photos of your cats? they might be adorable :)

I love your cat! I have two black cats, brother and sister, and while like you, I like all cats, these two are special. They are so regal and have such personalities!! Their fur is beautiful- I've had all kinds of cats and while they were adorable also ,these two by far "take the cake!"

What happend with them? Do you have cat nowadays? <br />
last time I had a cat, but she dissapeared from my apartment. maybe run away =(

I had a black cat named Quasar and another one named BOMB, which was short for Born On My Bed. Both were great cats.

Thank you a lot ^^<br />
Did you have cat too?

What a beautiful, happy cat!