Why Not A Black Cat?

I know from experience that black cats and also black and white cats are overlooked at rescues - why? Is it because people think they are boring colours, or the old tales of black magic and witches, or unlucky black cats? (although they are considered lucky in some cultures.) Of my own cats two are black and Ive had people say, its such a dull colour isnt it; well, no its not. Its black velvet, and the starless sky at night, its the colour of midnight, its a black silk rose, its a black shimmering, silk dress, its a warm, alive little creature with copper colour or green eyes. Its understated beauty, not over the top gareshness. And the same for my black and white cat, shes the music of piano keys, shes the song ebony and ivory, shes snow and storm together, shes the elegance of a black dress with pearl accessories. So to all the black and black and white animals whatever species; you are beautiful, and those who say you arent are the ones with the problem because they dont recognise true beauty.
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2 Responses Dec 28, 2010

I love all colours

Yes, sad but true the black cats get overlooked at rescue centres, mostly I think the "boring colour" thing and a little bit superstition. It's just beyond comprehension that animals are being put down because of they are seen as not having an exciting colour, well beyond mine anyway.<br />
Three of my rescues are black cats and beyond beautiful.