Little Kitten

I always wanted a really black, all black cat.  I went searching by keeping a watch on the free kitten ads in the newspapers.  I finally found one! Pure black, 8 weeks old.  Took her home, later took her to the vet to get spayed and declawed.  (Yes I know some of you have a problem with declawing, but no, the cat does not exhibit any more awareness of being declawed as they do to being neutered or spayed.  Plus my parents said I could only get another cat if I got it declawed.) 

Now that I had gotten her I couldn't think of a name!  I had the same problem with the very first cat I got.  I ended up naming the first cat Kitten.  I couldn't name this cat the same thing (even though the first cat had died some time before), so I named her Little Kitten. 

Little Kitten loved my yellow lab (Foofur).  Foofur had an allergy problem and usually ended up having to wear "the cone" every summer.  Foofur was wearing the cone when I first got Little Kitten.  Little Kitten was so small, she would go inside the cone (when Foofur was laying down) and curl up and sleep inside the cone right next to Foofur's face.

Little Kitten is so sweet and so cute.  I had a black sofa set and she would blend right in.  All you could see were these bright green eyes that seemed to be floating on the sofa!

But I moved away.  I moved to another country and had to leave her behind with my mom.  But mom really likes her and talks about her antics every time I call.  I guess it turned out for the best, as my mom would probably be a lot more lonely since my dad died if Little Kitten and the current dog (Nybble) weren't there being her friends.
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