Mojo The Black Cat

I have a 12 year old black cat named Mojo which I adopted from the local humane society when he was 8 weeks old. He is very svelte and thinks he is quite the stud, even though he is only an average size 10 to 11 pound cat, but when I got him it was to be a companion to a 65 pound wolf dog whose best buddy cat I had to have put to sleep because he had cancer at the age of 5 (that cat's name was "Beelzebub" and he earned that name). So Mojo started out in life thinking he was pretty cool having a 65 pound canine for his best bud. I have an adorable photo of little black kitten "Mojo" marching out to the back yard next to his big buddy dog. He always psyches out dogs and cats who try to intimidate him because he just sits there and stares them down, I guess he thinks he is invincible because of having such large buddies his whole life. That wolf dog died a year after I got Mojo, she was 12, and I adopted a 6 month old female cat from the same humane society to be Mojo's buddy and her name is Jasmine and she and Mojo are still best friends. I have since gotten 2 more wolf dogs and when I brought them home Mojo was absolutely unafraid since he had grown up with the first wolf dog and he is now buddies with those 2 wolf dogs and he still thinks he is the head of the house, even though one of these 2 dogs is 150 pounds. Though he does make sure he gets out of the way when the 5 year old 150 pound male is feeling sparky and running around, he is "studly" but not "stupid".
Chelebub Chelebub
51-55, F
Dec 12, 2012