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My recent living condition have not allow for me to have a pet of any kind, but i hope with the changes soon coming I'll be able to have a cat and with a bit of luck a black one

jadecrow jadecrow 51-55, M 9 Responses Jul 29, 2009

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lol I don't think they ever will lol

well the egyptians used to worship cats as gods and the cats haven't gotten past that yet.

I don't think Sid believes that lol

hhmph!!! Servants are NOT pets. I am a happily well trained human servant to the great feline.

well you are definitly included what's a cat without his pet human ;)

NOT my Sid. lol.. at least not without me.

NOT my Sid. lol.. at least not without me.

yep or a nice gray one

hmmmm. that may be a possibility.