One Specific Black Cat..

it was around halloween, about 5 years ago.

A stray black cat was wandering around my grandparents hobby farm (a farm in which they don't do any farm work) and they have been trying to catch him for a while, because my grandma is one of those cat ladies. Anyway, I was outside and this black kitty came up to me, I was aware that they were trying to catch him, so I ended up bringing him inside. So they finally caught him, called him Lucky. Everytime I go down there, Lucky always greets me or finds me quickly. I am his person. :P

a black cat named Lucky what could be more perfect? There's that ironic humor again. ^.^

Lucky came to me, obviously the cat has excellent taste. ;)

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There's a black cat that lives on my street. I believe it's evil, because it hates everyone and then tries leading us into it's backyard, and to what I assume is our death. I have dubbed it The Black Cat of Death

I have a new kitten,,,I don,t know what to name it,,,don,t know if its a girl or boy,,,its black,,,I want a majical name,,,,have any sugestions,,,Mary