Why I Love Black Lace

Ok - I'll get this group started with a story.

I think I first associated black lace with beautiful girls as far back as 3rd grade. It was the 1980's and all the girls in my school were wearing silly little lace fingerless gloves (thanks Madonna). They were either white or black and I loved them! And the girls who wore them, of course. I also would have loved to have a pair of black ones all my own, but knew that wasn't something I could quite have as a 9 year old. Even at that age though I was envious of all the cute stuff the girls got to wear and wished I could play dress up with them rather than get my butt kicked in sports by the boys in the neighborhood. Of course I made it to 35 before I figured out a way to indulge in all that.

Okay, sorry for the stream of consciousness there: Back to lace - so from my start with lace gloves - I moved on to loving any sort of black lacy lingerie, either from looking through catalogs and the odd black market Playboy as a teen, to my collection of lacy goodies I have today both for me and my girlfriend.

I love a little lace in women's everyday fashions, it can add so much to even a simple business suit. Show me a little black lace ladies, and I'll do anything you want, haha.

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Damned right! Even the most conservative outfit can be made to be INCREDIBLY sexy with the addition of a touch of lace!