My Candyman Thong!

Ive now bought three lace thongs, candyman being the latest, its so sensual and the seethru of lace is just so erotic ,i want to flash my whaletail but Im a bit scared has anyone overcome this, please check out my pics and let me know. Ive come close to letting it show but saved it cuz of what people might say.
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

I've been a thong only guy for quite some time. I wear them everyday. Like a lot of things in life some people like them and some don't. it's easier said than done but if you feel comfortable with them it doesn't matter what others think. believe me for as many people that might give you a funny look there are plenty of people that will give you a sexy look. My Wife loves me in them hope yours does too.

nice work. I hate wearing "regular" mens underwear. I work out at a gym and you'd be encouraged to see how many men are wearing them, I know I was

It is a little nerve racking to when you first display your "tail". Honestly though, I love to show off, I run and wear my thongs underneath you can see right through my spandex. I've had guys look at me in disgust and the wives right behind them can't take their eyes off me. start with a little flash to someone you think might be interested, if they keep looking show them what you are working with. if they look away look for someone else. Be like Nike and "just do it"

Hi Harry, I only wear thongs and used to have the same problem. Always paying attention to my shirt riding up when I bent over or the waistband of my jeans gaping if I squatted down. I finally said **** it and just went about my day. If someone saw my whale tail, oh well. If they are curious and want to discuss male thong wear, I'm happy to talk about it. If they don't like it they can ignore it and not look. I've even had my mother say "are you wearing a thong?" when she saw it while i was installing some flooring. I said yes and explained to her how they were more comfortable and cooler and unrestrictive and that seemed to be fine with her. Life is short, be happy and be yourself