My First Black Man...

My skin is pale. My bed is empty. My heart is breaking. I am half of whole until he is with me. I need to have his lips encasing mine. To hear his rapid breath in my ears. I want to see the dark of his skin contrasting to mine. Is it wrong to get excited when I think of black arms wrapping around a white body? When I remember seeing dark skin between white breasts? When the thought of his thick lips kissing mine makes my heart tremor? What attracted me to him first? His eyes or his exoticism? Do I crave him because he is dark to my milk? Will this fade? How do I keep that from happening? I think I love this black man of mine.
mscoolbear mscoolbear
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4 Responses May 13, 2012

I am writing a book about interracial realtionships and I would love to talk to you further about this. I would love to use your story in my book and the thing I need is what attracts you to black men? I am a white woman and I too am in love with a black man, Please feel free to write me back and tell me what it is that draws you to your man and I do promise to not use websites or names unless I have your appoval to use only a first name only, if you would rather submit without a name I can do it that way too. I appreciate your time. Thank you.

No offense, I am gay, white-latin, and had a black boyfriend four years ago. Nine inches made me feeling the happiest human being in the world. His kissing way, his hot and his passion were amazing.

Just trying to make sense of the swirl of racing thoughts in my head about about my man. I want to ensure that I love the man in the skin, not the skin on the man. Thanks for reading. :)

..airbud85 u confuse or what? read..'I think I love this black man of mine'..this lady just expressing her emotions. why should that make u angry