Hovering Over Me.

I just recently became very attracted to black men.. I guess since I moved to cali, I see the difference because back home where I am from all men dressed the same and act the same, black or white. I never cared about if the guy was black or white, but now that I see how the white peole act around here I am obly attracted to the black men. I can honestly say that black men know how to treat a woman better than white men. I am saying this about the men in the area I am in right now, not everywhere so dont get offened.

When I am with a black man, they treat me as if I am the only woman in the room, as if they can only see me and they cant take their eyes off me.. I feel so much lust when they touch my body. I can say that so far I have better sex with black men.. Its not about the size either. They know how to carress a womans body, they know how to make love instead of just ******* someone. I love it. I have been with black men before I moved out here but they never treated me like they do here, and I am enjoying it.

I love a muscular black man hovering above me, it just makes me enjoy sex just a little be more. :)
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you are hott n sexy.............im a white boi whos noticed my girlfreinds get weak around black men......they flirt and ignore me like im not there

I am writing a book about interracial realtionships and I would love to talk to you further about this. I would love to use your story in my book and the thing I need is what attracts you to black men? I am a white woman and I too am in love with a black man, Please feel free to write me back and tell me what it is that draws you to your man and I do promise to not use websites or names unless I have your appoval to use only a first name only, if you would rather submit without a name I can do it that way too. I appreciate your time. Thank you.

This was a great post.. :) i am an african american male, & it was nice to "hear" the "feelings" in your story. I bet it hit koolranch deep inside his heart like a spear.. the pain he felt was the reason he tried to make you feel bad with the dumb comments. Love has no color, (physically) or emotionally.. if you feel treated well, or (better), that is all that's important.. :)