Dark Fantasy

Rachel couldn't believe her luck. Her husband had told
her he'd called a pool company to come and open the pool while
he was out of town, but never in her wildest dreams could she
have hoped that such a handsome young man would be the one to
come over. It was a chance for her most secret fantasy to
come true.

He stood about 6'2" and was built like a brick wall. More
importantly he had the darkest black skin she had ever saw.
Ever since she'd been a teenager she'd fantasized about black
men, but had never even really talked to one. The 35 year old
brunette had grown up in an affluent section of Europe, and had
rarely come in contact with blacks other than some older men
who worked in the service industries.

She watched as he worked around the pool. His shirtless black
skin sun as sweat began to cover him. He couldn't be more
than 19, the body of a natural athlete. A moistness appeared
between her legs as she envisioned the awesome member
confined in his short red trunks. Rachel reached under her short
skirt, slowing rubbing her **** through her tiny g-string. Sighing
softly as she imaged that young hard big black **** buried inside her.
After a few minutes she let out a final gasp. Knowing, that her
husband does not mind her ******* other men, especially younger
men, she had to have this black boy.

Moving to her bedroom, she took off her clothes and studied
herself in the large full length mirror. Her body was in
great shape, regardless of her age. Her small white breasts stood
out proudly, round and firm. Small pink nipples capped them,
nipples that always seemed to be hard. She pinched them lightly
as her hands glided over her breasts.

"He'll love my *******," She tought. " But it'll be my *****
that he'll go nuts over."

Rachel carefully shaved her **** every two or three days, making
sure her ***** was completely bare. She stroked her married and
undersexed ***** again, making it hotter and wetter. Just thinking
about seducing this black boy was driving her crazy.

She put on a white bikini, a thong style that showed off her firm
tanned *** completely, and the small triangle of cloth in front barely
contained her pubic area. When she had bought the suit her
husband has restricted her to wearing it at home only. She laughed
at the thought, well she was home after all. Looking at herself
in the mirror again, she knew she was ready. She put on a pair of
$300 silver 4" heeled sandals, and fastened the thin leather ankle
strap. She decided to leave her expensive pearl necklace on.

When she stepped outside, the pool man looked up from what
he'd been doing. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. He
couldn't look away as she walked along the wide pool to a
lounge chair. Bending over to give him a unrestricted view of
her ***, the thin string deep in her asscrack and slid between
her now exposed pussylips, she placed a towel on the chair. She sat down and
slowly began to apply lotion to her tanned skin. After a few minutes
of that she rolled over and undid the top strings holding her tiny
top on.

Rachel could feel his eyes on her firm ***, and she shivered lightly
just thinking about having sex with this young dark stranger. Young
and black and full of steel hard muscle, a white wive's DREAM!

Now she was beside herself knowing that the handsome young
black man was seeing her so completely.

After about ten minutes, he came over and asked if he could
have a glass of water. She'd gotten so horny knowing he could
see her almost bare white ***, she know decided to show a little more.
Rachel stood up without retying her top, letting her ******* fall
free. Walking to the house for the water, she could just image
the look on his face - or the hardness in his shorts.

When she emerged from the house, glass in hand, all he could
stare out was her naked white firm breasts. After handing him
the cold glass she sat down, but remained in a sitting position.
She applied more lotion to her skin, paying particular attention
to her little breasts. Her nipples were so hard they hurt. Looking
up she saw him staring at her, and as innocently as possible she
asked if he would like some lotion too.

"Sure, Ma'am" he said as he sat down on the edge of the lounge
chair. "By the way, my name is Tyrone."

Rachel was going out of her mind with lust as he sat with his
back to her. She put some lotion in her slim hands and began to
rub it on his broad dark shoulders. Her hands began to shake,
and she leaned forward so her hands could move around his muscled arms
and reach his well enveloped chest. The wedding ring on her left
hand looked even brighter on the dark black contrast of his skin.
Her breasts pushed against his back as she did this her married
***** began to throb.

While she covered his chest with lotion, she was barely aware
of the small talk they engaged in to mask the awarkness of the
moment. She learned that he was only 17 and was working for
his uncle's company before starting college in the fall. She was
more than twice as old as this handsome sexy black man, a thought
which made her wanting him even more.

Reaching down she ran her lotion covered hand across his muscled
thighs, her thumbs brushed against his huge semi-erect **** pressing
a bit at the material of his trunks. Reversing the motion she brought
her slim hands upward and laid them firmly on the massive black
member that was now sticking out of the bottom of his shorts.

Feeling her hands on his black ****, he told her to go into the
house. She slowly rose and did what he said. After a few seconds he
followed her inside.

As he closed the door behind him, she turned around and told
him she wanted his big black ****! Tyrone replied that most of
the white women he met on this job wanted his black meat.

Considering how hot and wet her ***** probably was, she was
sure it would fit nicely into her white married ****.

"Why don't you get rid of the rest of the bikini." He said as
he rubbed his huge **** thought the shorts. It was so long, that the
cockhead was sticking out of the bottom of his (long) shorts!

Rachel pulled the tiny white bikini thong down so hard that the strings
that held it together ripped. All she had on was her silver
high heel sandals and due to the leather straps around her ankles,
she didn't bother taking off her heels. As the thong fell to the floor,
Tyrone moved over and put his fingers into her shaved ****. She gasped
as his black fingers played with her *****. He stopped long
enough to remove his own shorts.

There before her was the object of her dreams. Huge and black,
so massive and long, and probably as thick as her forearm!
She knew that all of her fantasies were never going to be the
same again. She fell to her knees and grabbed his black meat
with both hands. Just the sight of her small white hands
wrapped around such a huge black **** made her nearly pass
out. Her wedding ring on her left hand shone in bright contrast as her
hand tried to wrap fully around the thick veiny black shaft.

Leaning forward she kissed the tip of his huge black teenage
****, and then let her tongue snake out and lick it.
Overcome with the need to eat his ebony rod, she closed her
eyes and opened her mouth. Pushing forward she swallowed as
much of it as she could. She sucked and sucked, wanting his
first load in her mouth. She wanted to taste his powerful ***, she
wanted to swallow all of the hot *** that was churning inside
his big black heavy balls.

"What about your husband, Ma'am?" the black boy asked, standing
in their living room, while the 35 year old ****-crazy white
wife of his client is deepthroating his black monstercock. She
stopped long enough to tell him to forget her husband, that she
loved his big black meat so much, how good it tasted, and that
she wanted to swallow all of the juice in his black balls. Then
she was back to sucking.

Like an animal in heat, she was devouring his HUGE ****. He'd had
a lot of white wives suck his black **** before, but never had
anyone wanted it so badly like Rachel. She wanted his heavy black meat, true,
but he knew that this fine looking white wive needed it so much. He
knew that he'd be able to have her mouth or ***** anytime he
wanted it. But right now was a different matter. He'd plan
the next times later, for there certainly will be many more
times when that ****-crazy white wife wants his black ****.
Right now this fine looking older rich *****
was sucking his young **** good, and he was going to enjoy it.

Rachel finally had him there. In just a matter of seconds he
would shoot his powerful seed into her married mouth. She
sucked harder as his heavy black balls tightened up, and
then............ she was swallowing ***!! He spurted load
after load of his *** down her throat, filling her up with his
*****, the *** from the balls of a young dark black man. Rachel
managed to swallow the first two loads of his ***, but
as Tyrone continued shooting his *** out, it ran out
of the corners of her mouth. It dripped down on her chin to
her white *******, he must have spurted at least a gallon
of blackman's ***** on her mouth and face!

Her ***** grew hotter as shot after shot of ***
surged into her mouth. Her first black *** she tought.
Somehow it tasted better than any white guys had ever had (and
she has sucked quite a bunch of white men since she has been married!).

She continued to suck, keeping him hard. He had to stay hard
because she wasn't through yet. She wanted to have his
beautiful black **** inside her white married *****.

Rachel stood up and took him by the hand, leading him into the
bedroom and threw herself onto the masterbed. Spreading her legs
apart, she told him to **** her **** hard. There were no
preliminaries now. He crawled on top of her and shoved his massive
black **** deep into her white tight ****. Without mercy he pounded
her married ****, with every stroke his heavy black balls slapped against
her white ***! She was cheating her husband with a black boy,
but Rachel didn't care. She had never been so
excited in her life. All of the fantasies she'd had about
black men had paled next to reality.

She had a real hard big black **** inside her now, pounding until
the pain gave way to unimagined pleasure. She wrapped her arms
and legs around his dark muscle dbody, and began kissing him hard.
Between breaths she told him how wonderful it felt, how much
she loved it, how much she loved him! She felt his body tense and
with a long deep stroke he came in a second burst of hot ***.
She felt it fill her white married ***** so deep, as she continued
to frantically milk his monstercock, wanting every last drop inside her.

Rachel has found her regular black lover who would come over
to check on her pool several times a week and then check on her,
giving her what she needed so badly. She was hooked on black and from
then on she knew, that "once you had black, you don't go back!" was
very true for her. Young Tyrone should not be the last black man
who ****** Rachel into exctasy. But that are other stories.....

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This was a great story.