First Time In A Long Time.

So last weekend I had just gotten settled in my new apartment. And after a few months of no sex due to working overtime and what not. I called my ex Jamal, and he had no problems with the plans I had mad for a house warming gift. So after waiting for what seemed like a year, Jamal finally arrived at the new place. He didn't waste any time getting back to our old ways. He quickly picked me up and brought me to my bedroom. Once he had me on the bed he ripped of my tank top releasing my 38DD breasts with rock hard nipples ready for him. Jamal quickly undressed unleashing his massive black **** which stood at attention for me. I Started by choking on his massive **** until he decided he couldn't wait any longer for my tight white *****. He slammed into me sending me into orgasmic bliss. I came probably 5 times, he of course without a condom busted in me 5 times..So i'm hoping I am not pregnant..but who am I kidding right? If I am I can't wait to grow a little black baby ;) I'll keep you posted <3
Pgrx Pgrx
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 4, 2012

Hot storY. I hope you got knocked up.