Bigger Than Normal...?

Once I sleep with a black guy named Lemar in the army about 7 years ago. He had an extremely larger penis, maybe even 12 inches in full. I have been with many other black guys since him but none of them seem to be near that size. What is the average size for a black man? I'm a little worried that my first black guy was the best black man I'll ever have.
sammywitch04 sammywitch04
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

That would be sad. The only sensible research I've found says on average Black men are half an inch longer than white and white guys are half an inch longer than asian. This is only an average. Longer 'usuallly' means fatter too, but not always. As the average white boy is 5.75 inches long, that would make the average Black **** 6.25 inches. I've heard from loads of girls of 8 and 9 inch Black *****. Your 12 incher was rare, but check out the guys on here and many are big. Do you have a bf or lover now?

So if I have a 6.5 inch **** makes me a black guy or an out of range white guy?
Maybe i have a problem with that, but I always thought that my **** is small. Is it?