My First Bbc

my mom would go out to bars and clubs i would stay home and watch my sister,she would bring home guys sometimes one night she brought home this black guy they went in her room i heard them start ******* she was moaning and screaming i was like damn because i had sex 5 0r 6 times before and never like that they got done and he left i thought about that for a few weeks then it was like 3 am and i heard a car pull up,then a knock so i went to the door and looked out it was the guy my mom was with he said hello is your mom home i said no,he asked if she would be back i said i could call her he said he had been calling and her phone is off so i told him i didnt know if she would be home,he said thanks tell her i came by and started to walk away i said hey you can come in and wait he asked if i would mine i said no,he came in and sat on the couch i gave him the remote and went in my room i laid on my bed and wanted to seduce him some how,so i got a pair of my sisters white shorts put them on she has a smaller waist and booty then me so my *** was hanging out i took off my bra leaving just my tank top,then i laid on my stomach and waited for him to walk by then my phone rang my mom said she would be home tomorrow i said ok and told her that her friend came by,she said ok we hung up then i walked out there and told him she wouldnt be home he said ok and got up i walked out of the hallway and he took a double look at me then said well bye i said you can stay for awhile,he said ok i can stay so i got him a drink and sat on the couch with him he asked what i have on my mind i was shy i said i didnt know just bored he smiled and asked for another drink so i got it for him i gave it to him then sat down he said you have a really nice *** i giggled and said thanks,he said no problem stand back up for me so i did he said very nice turn around i did he asked if i had on panties under there i told him no he said show me so i dropped my shorts he asked if i ever ****** a black man i said no he grabbed my *** and smacked it started playing with my ***** then he stood up and dropped his pants and pulled a fat **** out i was mind blown he said dont be scared and pushed my head down so i started to try and suck it i wasnt doing to well so he pulled it away and told me to just lick his balls and jack him off i never licked balls so i started i did this for like 5 mins then he grabbed my head pulled me up and said lets go to your room i told him my sister was there so he looked around and said go bend over that dinner table so i did he came over and licked my ***** then shoved in his big **** he went slow the started to hit it hard i was yelling louder then my mom it was like 25 mins i came twice then he flipped me around and put me on my back on the table he started to **** me again i couldnt take it i was screaming so he put his hand over my mouth and said good girl then he busted his load deep in me i never felt so good in my life
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Mmmmm baby that story got my fat **** hard;)

How old you war at the time?

****, I aint black but I have a **** that loves to ****

Awesome story!

Great story! Very hot night for both of you!

Love to hear more black stories from you!

Great story... You do have a nice *** in your avatar.

I was hooked after the first black **** i had... I love when they shoot that *** up inside me!!

You are very hott and naughty stealing your moms man. Oh well to bad for her

What a beautiful story. Was that it for you, addicted?

so beautiful - thank u

mother and daughter...high five.. ;)

Wow baby that is a sexy *** story! Did your sister hear all that screaming and ball slapping?!

Wow, you know you are hooked now.

Great story ...

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