My Attraction.. Yours?

Most people have a certain kind of person they are mostly attracted to, I happen to be attracted to black men. I find their hearts huge, the way they talk to people is much more respectful. They have beautiful bodies and they seem to have more style than most white men. I love the contrast of skin between me and a black man. They have soft tender tasty lips and know how to use them. They know how to satisfy a woman, and its not their manly parts, the size thing is a myth, I have seen big and not so big... but its that they know how to use it to keep me wanting it again and again.
I love how they are full of soul and spirit and know how to treat a lady like a lady.
So what is your story, why do you love black men? You can drop me an email on here or just reply to this question. I am writing a book and could use your help. write as much or as little as you wish and only a first name and a state will be used unless you otherwise inform me. I thank you for your time.
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It should be important to note, that although we are different than other men, we are still men and therfore suffer some of the same insecurities that all men suffer from.


I have only been involved with one black man, the man I am involved with now. His history is mostly with white women. He has taken me to places sexually that I have never been to and those times never included intercourse. But sex with him is better than I have ever experienced. It has nothing to do with size, it is that he knows his body and my body and makes it about "us" and not him. (does that make sense?) He is patient and is totally into loving me physically and mentally. Emotionally, he struggles. He gets really close and then retreats. This is where I struggle and what I posted in my story. Any ideas on how to have this man be fully committed?

My dear I wish I could help you, I suffer from the same thing. The man I am compleatly in love with and would do anything for is exactly like that. He makes me feel things and go to places I never thought I could do, but emotionally, while he is loving and attentive, when it comes to feelings, he shuts down. My opinion, and it is just an opinion, be patient. If you feel it, you know its him for you for always, be patient, listen, and try to figure out if perhaps he comes from past relationships that may have hurt him deep, then again be patient and prove to him that you have his back, you will stick by him and be that woman he is searching for. Best of Luck and please keep me updated. :)