I Love Men

but I find black men particularly attractive. It isn't just a sexual thing. I just find them beautiful. 
chaoticsoul chaoticsoul
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3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Yes,indeed! Black men are very beautiful and have incomparable style! They're the epitome of sexiness! Contrary to racist opinion, the black men's attractiveness has nothing to do with BBC...every white woman I know is irresistibly drawn to the black man's look, presence, style and love to touch and feel that shiny, lush dark chocolate skin! If I was a white woman, I'd choose to be with a fit, decent, fine-lookin' black man...whenever I see a hunky black man with a gorgeous white woman, I think they're the perfect match! So beautiful together!

Beautiful huh? Right back at your chaoticsoul sista.

I am very happily unmarried, and am nowhere near north carolina, but good luck with that