Serving Black Men

I grew up in Europe. I'm a very well educated, grounded woman. I would be considered attractive by most measures anywhere. I'm a very fit athlete. Professionally, I am a leader in my field of academia. I'm as alpha and in control of a woman as you're likely to come across, but the sight (or thought) of beautiful black **** makes me quiver and weak. I love it, submitting completely, pleasing my black man in every way possible.
I had discovered that I loved women, all women, at an early age. I am free and flow with my female lover to wherever it leads. Before discovering black men, I had never been attracted to the many men that had tried to woo me. Brilliant attractive men, but I was simply not turned on physically. Despite there being little point in engaging in anything, I had many boyfriends.
In college I lived with my now ex-lesbian lover. Loving women was on an entirely different plane. I was usually the more dominant one, showing my lady-loves the many ways in which I loved them. I had only been poked by men a few times up to this point, rather than calling it intercourse. Yes, I had been penetrated, but nothing beyond that. Nothing like getting penetrated by your girl's ***** when the otherside is in here ;-)
Then I came to the much more ethnically diverse US of A. I seemed to catch men's eyes as I did back in Spain, but it seemed that the black men were more than looking. They would engage, staring and often saying things to me. Some of these men were dark gorgeous, with delicious looking bodies. I initially denied it to myself, but whenever I came upon one of these beautiful beings it seemed that my heart raced, I blushed and felt a rushing feeling between my legs. I would often come home and comfort myself with thoughts of one of these black men coming to my door. The thought of my proximity to them made me shudder then, as it does now. What would I do when they came to the door? What would I say? As time went by my fantasies seemed to take on their own life. They were all inspired by some black man/men that I'd come across that day. Some were muscular, some not so much. Others tall, others shorter. Some were young while others were mature. What they had in common is that they were dark, black and able to make my ***** quiver. Thoughts of merely being pressed against them would bring me to climax.
One night that I was working late at the university, I decided to stopped by the gym before heading home. It was completely empty. I was on the treadmill when this handsome black man walks into the room. He was about 6' tall, early 20s, fit, dark with close cropped hair. We exchanged pleasantries. I was very aware of his presence as the only other person there, but also because I began to feel my ***** becoming wetter and wetter at the thought of his eyes penetrating me. I felt it throughout my body. When I did have the courage to look over to him he had been looking and just smiled. I turned red, became flush and my ***** quivered. I felt possessed by a force that I hadn't reckoned with.
Now he was at the benchpress facing me. I snuck in a few glances of this gorgeous black hard body. Going over it from his chest, his tummy and legs. I couldn't help see the outline of his manhood. My oh my oh my! I nearly lost my footing when I realized that my eyes were locked on it. When I dared look again, he was smiling, nearly laughing. Had I not felt so turned on, I would had been felt mightily embarrassed. I was so focussed on him. So much so that when turned to move to another machine, I nearly fell off the treadmill, when I saw the outline of his delicious black buns. AMAZING!! Hearing the noise I made by the near crash off the treadmill, he quickly came over, held me in place, guarding me from falling over. Ironically it was only then when I felt him so close, touching me that I nearly collapsed. I certainly had a mini ******. I could barely look him in the eye, when I did I felt as if I were melting from the inside out. I could barely articulate my words, apologizing to him over and over again. He was a true gentleman throughout. His arm was still around my waist, when I subconsciously caressed his forearm, thanking him. His beautiful smile shone on me like the radiant sun. As I blushed from moment to moment for what seemed an eternity, I happened to look down and saw his penis pushing against his shorts. As I looked at it, I froze and quite literally buckled. He held me up by pulling me in, as I inadvertantly brushed my hand against his penis, as it also brushed against my body. It might as well had been a burning ember. Oh my, such a glorious moment, an epiphany! I was truly out of my mind at this point. I looked at him and then at his now throbbing ****, and told him that this, as I put my finger on his outstretched shorts, is what caused my misstep. As I said this, my finger traced over his penis. What was I doing? It was as hard as I imagined it to be, all the way to its bulbous head. Had I not been perspiring from the tread mill my wetness would had been very apparent. We seem to have moved towards each other, now feeling his beautiful black **** pressed against me. I quivered again, looked into his eyes, as I reached for his **** with both hands, and said, "what can I do to help? To please!?". Who was this woman that was so wanting to submit to this man above all else??
It's never a good idea to carry on in public, so as he wiggled around me, his now massive **** against me, I said "well?!". He told me that he lived on campus. Before he said anything else, I put my finger to his lips and said, "let's go". We'll have plenty of time to shower in a few minutes, as I lived just beyond campus and all that I wanted was to be ravaged by this beautiful black stranger.
I led the way to my car that was just outside the faintly lit parking lot. My car was the only one there. We got in the car and all I could say is that I've NEVER done anything like this in my life, as I reached over and put y hand over his penis. Looking down at my hand grabbing his **** through his shorts, then looking up at him. I wanted him so so bad. I wanted to take him all in and then let him do to me as he desired. He finally leaned over and kissed me ever so deeply. I came again, feeling my juices moving down my crack. I had never felt so thoroughly turned on and so weak all at once. I kissed him with such deep passion, my hands and body all over him. Moaning, kissing him, I managed to pull his penis out of his shorts. I looked at this big black penis in my hands with a lustful joy that I had never experienced. I pulled it a few times until I could no longer contain myself. I put my lips around this gorgeous specimen, tasting his delicious pre-***. Then linking the length of that black shaft to his balls. When I took his balls in my mouth he nearly ejected from my car. After thoroughly licking his beautiful black **** and telling him how much I loved it, I began to suck it. It tasted like nothing else, and I knew then that it was something that I could never do without. I loved sucking this black ****, moaning nearly crying with pleasure. I knew he was going to *** as he rocked in the passenger seat. Then suddenly as I had this black **** nearly down my throat I feel the clenching, the sudden explosion marvelous black baby batter. It was incredible. I squeezed every last drop out, rubbing his still leaky penis all over my face and hair.
I started the car and began driving home, unnconsciously still holding and stroking his penis. We pulled into my garage, got out of the car. He slapped my ***…MMMmmm. Then began to rub it pulled my tights down, bent me forward and slid his beautiful black **** inside me. I was in heaven. Though I also felt like that woman wailing in the Young Frankenstein movie. "Fill me up daddy" I kept saying, "Give me that beautiful black ****.". He thrust harder with my every word. I seemed to have been coming in a continuous stream. OMG. Then he came again, filling my ***** cavity up with his wonderful hot ***. The thought of getting impregnated by him, just made my climax that much more powerful.
We gathered ourselves, showered and proceeded to my bedroom. I knew this was all quite remarkable, but I had no idea how much it would affect my life. I not only bathed my black prince head to toe, but I licked him from head to toe. He was particularly taken by great enthusiasm as I ate his beautiful *** out. All things that I had done in these 20 or 30 minutes thus far, that I had never performed on another man. And this was only the beginning, as I submitted myself to him, give him free rein over my body. He penetrated me from every angle, took me anally and ****** my face. I was simply insatiable. I knew early on that night that would forever be for black ***** only! Its been 3 years now, I've only been with black and the occaisional girlfriend. My black **** addiction gets in the way. I get it regularly now and sometimes by multiple black men at once and I still want more. One day I hope to meet a girl that loves and craves black **** as much as I do
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ggreat story. my gf is the same, shes a gymnast and loves my 7.5 inch rod, but her ***** goes crazy whenever she's surrounded by a strong black man at the gym. what size black penis do you prefer?

That was sweet of you to lick the *******, nice touch

Very well written, so much so I must go ask my owner/wife if I may suck on a bbc tonight. I also prefer black ****, though I am submissive to, well, everyone.

Thank you so much for sharing. But have you tried black *****?

awesome. totally understand.

i think you'd love the movie "she hate me" and especially the ending peace.

Mmmmmm! Very erotic!

wow i have so much in common with you....but i still havent had that first experience with one

Very hot story. As a white male who loves the taste of black ****, I understand completely.