Some Personal Reasoning.

This was a response to another EPeep's (retiredfather) question as to why? [Group - I Love Black Men; Story - Curious] Well, i deemed it enough to really be it's own story with the thought hat went into writing it. And with possiblity of updates as time goes on and for maybe answering other's questions of me.



In my experience which may well be limited, in the business world and in the military, i have see the following.

The black men i have met were more thoughtful and work harder. They try to work for the best interest of the group/company/project. Not trying to be the forceful leader and having only their ideas pursued.

Black men appear to appreciate women more. Plus they don't take everything and everyone for granted.

My mother once told me that a woman regardless of her race is woman first as well as a human being with feelings. So remember, it is not her color that makes her the woman and human being that she is who is so precious to those around her. It's her spirit, her intelligence and most of all her humanity. The same is true for men.

i look to their character and their inner self as reflected in their words and actions and this is what i have seen. In my experience black men have shown through here more often than not.

We need to cover everything so i'll add that i really must admit that a black man's skin color has always fascinated me and drawn my eye, something that is innate and always been with me. His skin is lush, sensuous and electric. For my entire life i have loved chocolate, i can't lie about that either. It may start here for me but there is somuch more to my attraction, much more.

The qualities I find attractive in a man (respectful, nice body, easy going personality, style, intelligence, wit - just to state a few) are the qualities i find attractive in a black man or a latino man or a white man or a red man (since we're going on color alone). I've never been color struck ... how one dimensional is that.

All these qualities i found more often in black men than white men during my life time. (Maybe their Mothers raised them right, as i believe mine did for me.) Each group has their fair share of 'x-holes' too, if you get my drift.

The real trick in life is not finding or liking a man but rather ... finding or liking a good man.



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To each his own BarbiezBaaaack. All of us are different. Thank goodness. I'm me, that's all I am ... with my set of experiences and all.<br />
<br />
Maybe I've been lucky in life. Regardless this is my experience. It is not wishful thinking in what I've experienced. Sorry to burst that bubble.

i can relate to the handsome part. sexy too even. too bad they didn't have the kind of qualities that you described.

Maybe so. They were articulate, hard working, kind, courteous and several very handsome. Ohhhh! '-)

lol. even dorothy and toto aren't here anymore. maybe through your business and experiences you met men of a higher caliber than i ever did.

Kansas is a place I haven't been Jerrica, except with Dorothy and Toto.<br><br />
<br><br />
I may have unique experiences and business has offered me the change to meet so many people, all kinds.

you're right when you say you've been lucky. REAL lucky. they all must live where you do because they're not in KS.

Guess I've been luck Jerrica, throughout my whole life. These are the majority of the black me I have know, precisely those qualities. Whether as a child and a teen or an adult in the business/military world. This occurred all of the country and the world. <br />
<br />
Sure there were those who were not like this, and when they were I stayed away, but by-in-large many were this way. I'm glad of that. And as I said lucky, don't know how or why ... but it has been this way for me.<br />
<br />
One more reason why I love them I guess.

hard working, easy going, appreciative, respectful, etc? josie, where do you live? maybe if i moved there, i would find a black man who possessed such good qualities because they sure aren't in my neck of the woods lol. these descriptions are foreign to me.

i don't actually seek them out solely to the exclusion of all other men. It just seems like with a black man, more often than not, something clicks. Whether we talk about work or any other topic a connection seems to be there more often than with white men.<br><br />
<br><br />
Can't explain it ... it just happens that way.

I appreciate your openess and honesty about why you love black men. I too was raised to respect people for themselves...not for what color they are. I have not dated or married a black man because I have always found the qualities that are important to me in white men. However, I have had, and do have several friends of differents races...and religions...for that matter. But your story was very interesting to me. Thanks for sharing it.