I find myself drawn to Depressive Suicide Black Metal like a moth to a flame waiting to be burned alone in the darkness. Anybody else listen to this genre of music? Been listening to this style of music for several years now, Nostalgie, Happy Days, Unjoy, Trou Noir, among others, usually I have to listen to this when I am alone to fully digest what I am hearing.
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The genre is very good. I like how the music fits with the depressive tone of the lyrics. The lyrics seem realistic. Always a good listen. Silencer and Ghost Bath are one of my favourites.

Shining - Claws of Perdition is my favorite song...

drum machines are a pain in the ***, but lots use them, in my current project I am lucky enough to have a live drummer record his parts. I would like to hear what you create as I love listening to music, and can send you something to listen to as well.

That would be cool, i have to get the drums 100% and everything i have done mixed and set to a single track ready for upload but once its done ill send a link over.

Drum machines are a proper annoyance, you hear what others have done and are like the hell have they done this?

Im working on a FD/BM project to, difficult seing as its only me, and i suck at using a drum machine but enjoyable none the less.

Yeah i like way to many bands, good to like alot though, only a dew tends to get bland and stagnent

I suck at using a drum machine as well, heh, I would like to hear what you have created, and I can show you what I created.

Im hearing you there, recently i have been listning to so many DBM bands, and lot sof funeral doom to, got a slight adiction to photophobia at the moment and im just in awe of the sheer scale of the music. Do you like shape of despair? if you havn't heard of them (im sure you have) you must quiet these paintings is just pure epic.

I have heard of a few song or so from them, but don't have an album of theirs yet, there are so many bands to listen too.....I am into funeral doom as well, I have done some funeral doom music, and working on DSBM musc as well.