the Blacker the Berry the Sweeter the Juice

I have written in several catagories some of my experiences.This is one of my favorite experiences.My wife and I had been swingers for a while and we had had some really hot times I still had not fulfilled all my fantasies.I knew I was not going to see her with another woman but she knew I lusted after black ladies. She had a black friend from work who had just gotten divorced and for my birthday I was given her as a gift.Veronica was heavy and had a rounded shape all over and I drooled every time I saw her.The date was set for Saturday and my **** was hard all week.When she arrived at our house it was all I could do to keep from jumping her on the porch.She sat down in the living room wearing short shorts with her plump legs shining and smooth. My wife said here are the rules you can have her all day but I get to watch. Into the bedroom we went and were naked and on the bed in two seconds I was kissing her and rubbing her ***** which was slick with dew.I started sucking on her huge **** and went to eat her hot hole. When I moved down to lick her she put my **** in her mouth.I thought I would *** right then.Veronica was wearing some sort of scent that drove me insane and I moved her around to eat her *******.She began to move and moan sucking my **** like a vacuum cleaner. When I moved around to **** her dog style I was surprised to see my wife there naked rubbing her *****. Pushing into her steaming **** hole I felt like I was in a velvet glove.I blasted my ***** into love spot and felt her ****** as my last spasm passed.  We rolled over and lay side by side me rubbing her ****. My wife sat on the end of the bed and asked how was it? Beautiful I said.Veronica asked my wife if she had gotten off she said no but it was hot watching.She said she understood now why I liked watching her ****.i moved over to kiss my wife and when I did she moved and her ***** was in Veronica's face. Without a sound she grasped her hips and stuck her tongue in my wife's hole. I was mesmerized her was another dream come true. I thought for sure that was going to end the days fun but though she froze for a second she lay back and Veronica lapped at her hole. Even though I had *** five minutes before I was rock hard. The sight and the sound of that beautiful black woman slurping on my wife's **** had me crazy. I pulled Veronicas *** cheeks wide and licked her *******, Rubbing some spit on my **** I slipped in,  she bucked and slurped louder   my wife began to moan and thrash Veronica clamped her mouth on my wif's **** and sucked. OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh **** I yelled and shot my load in her hot hot *******.My wife's *** was loud and long she shuddered and kicked and moaned and howled but through it all Veronica never let go of her **** suck madly as if her life dpended on it.My wife left the room shortly after and left us alone the rest of the day. I ate Veronica's ***** for what seemed like hours but she was always wet and ready for more.Oh what a beautiful day. I had seen my wife taken by another woman. I had tried the black ***** I had always desired. The fantasies had been fulfilled but the desires remained. Strangely my wife did not want to discuss the incident ever and would not ever admit she enjoyed it.But fortunately I was able to enjoy some more black ***** another time. I still believe it's tue the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice.   


traveler traveler
51-55, M
Sep 1, 2006