Black Is Beautiful

Having had one black women I had to have more.I ran an ad at a swinger site and after a couple of weeks got a response from a women about a hundred miles away.She said she could not travel but would host. I drove up the following weekend with my **** hard all the way.Following her directions I found her place knocking on the door worried someone else would answer.She opened the door and I must have looked stunned.I went in and we sat down.I thought she was the hottest woman I'd ever seen. Big ripe **** a nice comfortable looking belly and plump shapely legs.She apparently took my expression for disappointment and said I guess I'm not what you're expecting.Baby I said you sell yourself way short I would fight the world for the chance to play with that beautiful round ripe *** of yours.She said that that was funny she didn't get too much of a look from the men around there.Additionally she had a thing for white boys and was thrilled to meet me.Honey what are we waiting for let's ****. I want to stick my tongue in your ***** till you walk crooked.We went to the bedroom as she undressed her rich dark skin gleamed in the light. She had a full bush of jet black hair around her ***** and I was going to lick each and every one.I kissed her mouth tasting her I moved to her massive **** and sucked on both of them the nipples as hard as a pencil eraser.Rubbing her ***** she moaned and my hand was covered with her juice.Sliding my tongue down her belly I inhaled the heavenly aroma of her sex.Pulling the lips apart her hot pink hole was slick with juice and her **** was hard. I began lapping and sucking. She bucked, screamed ,thrashed ,moaned, and cried .God it was heaven. I moved her to her side and licked her *******. She gasped and shuddered, moaning how good that felt. I licked her smooth hot legs and sucked her toes. When I came up for air some time later, not wanting to quit but to give my tongue a break she told me she had *** 7 times and white boy you are going to get a blow job like you never had before.She lubed up a long thin finger like object and attached to her vibrator. she pulled my *** cheeks apart and worked it into me turning on the vibrator she took my **** in her mouth. OH **** that finger in my *** going a hundred miles an hour and her mouth slurping on me was unbelievable. She gave the noisiest wettest blow job ever. MMMMing and smacking her lips and taking all of me in her mouth. Well it didn't take long I began to *** and she was gulping and sucking like it was ambrosia. We ****** 3 more times that day and though it's been several years I still lust for her.    
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My ex-lovers tells me years after that I’m still printed in their mind