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The town I am currently living in is a very nice town,about 25,000 people easy to get around in and a fair amount of things to do.The job site I was on was experiencing a logistics problem and they wanted me to go to Reno to talk with a supplier.It was arranged for me to go on a Friday and I could stay all weekend if I wanted.I had been to Reno before and I was sure going to spend the weekend.Now I told you the town I was living in was nice but the one ***** club had what looked to me like nothing but cowboys with ****.So I was looking forward to my trip.I met with our supplier Friday morning and we worked out a plan to fix the problem by noon I was on the street.I knew where the gay bar was and a couple of bookstores but I wanted to look for some nice *****.I went just south of downtown to a club and was sitting at the bar drinking $6 beer.A dancer was on stage and it seemed slow.I thought about going to another club or about 20 miles east is a really nice brothel.I was finishing my beer when another girl took the stage.Oh my,she was stunning.A long legged round butted black woman.I moved to the stage and watched her dance she was as lithe as a willow branch and shook like the ground was moving.She came over to me and I stuck a 5 in her g-string.After her set I stuck around to see if she was going to offer me a lap dance.Sure enough she came up to me and asked if I wanted to go to the back of the room for a private dance.I gave her a $50 and she smiled.I sat on a sofa and she did her thing.She ground her Gstring covered ***** on to my cloth covered bone but I was in heaven.She smelled wonderful and I was allowed to fondle her lovely ****.  I would have given a weeks pay to **** her but that was out of bounds.I stayed long enough to watch her on stage again then left for more fulfilling entertainment.
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51-55, M
Sep 22, 2006