i think a preference for black women based on certain physical attributes is fine. but some people really believe a girl is horny and all about sex just coz she is black. i'm not a prude. anytime a woman is appreciated for her sexuality, i think it's a great compliment. but my skin colour won't tell you anything about how and how much i ****...and i was a bit brutal in my story earlier coz after reading some posts here it felt like some people were demeaning black women as sex *****. i don't always expect there to be a discourse on how smart and successful black women are (sex is fun too) but a respectful balance would be nice. *smile*
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Except me lol

All women are.

lol. Course not. Who said that?? Hahaha. bf.

you still scared of me ?

lol. ssshh

well said....even though you are scared of me :)