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When I studied abroad in the UK, I fell in love with Ribena and other blackcurrant flavored products. I discovered that everything that is grape-flavored in the US is blackcurrant-flavo(u)red in the UK - Starburst and Skittles, even! Back home, I have to look hard for blackcurrant jam. Juice is nowhere to be found, except for Ribena squash (concentrate) in import shops. I learned that growing blackcurrants actually used to be against the law in the US (around the time of the American Revolution, I believe), and so they haven't caught on like they have in other countries. Only now are they starting to be grown again.

Blackcurrant syrups and teas are available here, though, and so is Creme de Cassis, blackcurrant liqueur.
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1 Response May 17, 2007

I LOVE Ribena. I always had a problem finding it but a friend of mine is a UPS driver and a lady on her route is from Scotland. She had the lady get me some and showed up on my doorstep with an entire case of it. It was a happy day.