Love Blackmen

i was in los angeles last year for the first time in feb and also oct/nov and it was the best time i have ever had i have never seen so many georgeous looking blackmen they were stunning, god i couldnt stop looking at them all they are so hot, blackmen make me melt at the knees, i mean they were mmmmm, they are so sexy mmmmm i really want a sexy blackman now .....

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The observations here point to a common behaviour pattern, namely the white girl that marries a white boy and sees Black Men on the side. Wiser white boys expect it and facilitate it. Whatever your chosen life, it is yu try some Black **** soon

i am not racist but black guy ussually treat girls worse then white guys do.i know black guys have bigger penises and are bodily ussually in better shape then white guys but hey we respect you ladys more .but thats only my opinoin

That's just plain stupid.

biman4321 in the sense when i say blackmen i mean africa america men

We met some very black men while teaching in Malaysia and had some great sex and some great times with them. Some of them were Indian and some were Malaysian. We came to beleive that thr Indian race is probably the most handsome we had encountered. My wife just could not say no to any of them and i never could fault her.

i am the king of blackness,take my hand and be my queen.we'll have the most beautiful "oreo's " ever,lol

i have met some very handsome black men. i would have loved to have got to know them more intimately.<br />
<br />
i meet men every day and have the same feelings. Black men are very intriguing and some have been more than stunning.

americanboy you might be everywhere but i tell you the good looking ones are in america

Ha!-Ha! We are everywhere!

well of course they do but not as good looking as the ones over there i am in australia and we dont have as many as over in los angeles are no where near as good looking

so are white guys who are bald and have small ***** losers? My g/f cheated on me with a black man and laughed at me and told me she wants me to watch a real man have sex with her.