Talking Back To A White Woman Owned By A Black Male


A recent Black Problem for Me


            This event took place just last week when I disagreed with a white female living with a black man.  Included are the first emails from her o the group and then what happened when I disagreed with her and challenged her reasoning.  


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: [Bethanys_Choice] Parenting


Date: Friday, March 5, 2010, 1:34 PM

  Some thoughts:

Women fought ong and hard to control their bodies and It is their choice to have a child.

If they are married to BBC then it is his choice

If married to white have have a black mans child the husbband must raise as his own

Even in the best marriages how many men take care of the 1, 2, 3AM fedings, Not many

OInterrcial children are accepted tody Look at Tiger Woods and the american home grown terriost Osama Obama


From: Me

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: Saturday, March 6, 2010, 8:11 AM

I could ignore a lot of remarks and comments about parenting and the roles of husbands, white or black, but I cannot ignore an insult to all Americans by calling our president a terrorist.  I believe that history will remember Barrack Obama as a great president who did much to reunite a country divided by unjust wars and racism.  I believe history will recall his presidency as one that turned America back to its roots of supporting poor and disadvantaged people rather than the rich. Further, your comments have no place in this forum so take your crap somewhere else in your gutter.



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To: Date: Saturday, March 6, 2010, 3:30 PM

The only way for us to save our country is to call terriost terriost and it belongs here because he disgraces ALL BLACK MEN


From: ME


To: Her


You don't even know how to spell terrorist.



From: ME


To: Her


I really do not want to get into a contest with you about this. I apologize for saying anything about spelling. You are entitled to your opinion, as I am mine. I just happen to disagree.  I do admire the black men and their role in our society. I had to admit some inferiority to a black man who blacked my wife and impregnated her. I am still raising the child and I am proud of her. My wife still has black lovers anytime she wishes and I am fine with that. I am not very wimpy even though I accept this. I have come to love cleaning up after her lovers fill her with the hot ***** so I know my place here.  I still have strong feelings and sometimes express them. I am happy with my marriage as I think my wife is.  If she gets pregnant again, I will do the same as with my current child and love him or her.  Maybe someday you could allow my wife to enjoy your BBC. I would like that too.  Good luck


Saturday, March 6, 2010 6:03 PM


From: ME

To: Her


I showed my wife's latest lover our emails and he tends to agree with me but he tells me that I should never have talked to you that way. He tells me that I am not equal with either you or your BBC and therefore have to learn to listen better. I must apologize that I have still not learned how to properly behave around superiors. He intends to punish me by inviting several of his friends over and have me service them anyway they want me to. I am sorry I wrote to you. Please forgive a white boy that still has to learn his proper place.  Thank you.


From Me:


To Her


Hey this is the last email about our little disagreement yesterday. Obviously you don't wish to discuss anything further and I would never bother you again, but you should hear the end of the story.

As I told you yesterday my wife's master did not like the tone of my emails to you and demanded I apologize and set up a punishment for last night.  Well, he followed through on his word and brought over three young black male friends of his so they could do anything they wished with me in front of my wife. Now my wife has never seen me suck black dicks or any dicks for that matter so this was a new experience for both of us but I had to go through it.  So while my wife watched I sucked all the ***** available including the masters and was ****** anally as well by all of them.  I had only been ****** twice before so this was a painful situation at first until it became a fantastic pleasant experience. I began to love both sucking and being ******. Maybe I am more of a wimp than I thought.  Anyway, my wife was turned on unbelievably by this experience and was ******* everybody in every way while watching me. 


 That would have been all there was except that my wife's gorgeous goody-two-shoes 17-year-old daughter walked right in on us.  We were absolutely stunned when she walked in the door as was she.  Now this young lady is a high school cheerleader, a part-time model, a strong church member, as pure as rain, and an absolutely lovely woman.  I have lusted after her for all the years we have been married but would never do anything except lust.  She stopped in her tracks as she entered the door and saw me with a big black **** in my mouth and her mother with a big black **** in her *****.  Not a word was spoken. It was as if everybody just froze instantaneously into stone.  One of the young black guys took matters into his own hands though by walking over to Chris, my stepdaughter, and pulling her tightly against his nude body and kissing her on her mouth while placing her hand on his very erect and huge ****.  She never backed away while he kept putting his tongue down her throat and she obviously began to respond, I couldn't believe it. She was going to get ****** big time and I would never have dreamed it.  Ben moved one of his hands under her sweater and began loosening her clothes as he continued kissing her. Her hand was still wrapped around that ****.  He then loosened her slacks and moved his hand down the front toward her *****. No resistance.  He finally told her to take off her top and she removed everything above her waist without saying a word or resisting.  Oh those boobs of hers. They are just simply stupendous, and she was now right up against Ben. He pushed the slacks down until she could remove them as well and she was now naked against Ben.  I came suddenly without anyone touching my little **** but every one else was highly erect and ready for action.  Ben lifted her and sat her down with her crotch on his **** and asked her if she wanted him to **** her.  Yes, yes, yes, please **** me now, she told him. And he did. Wow. He ****** her and ****** her, and then everybody else ****** her again and again. What a night. It is a very good thing that she is on birth control but who knows what the future will hold for her and us because she is totally hooked on black ***** now, as you would expect.  Me too. 

Anyway hope you enjoy this very true story about last night and know that John, Sarah's master, will continue to punish me in some enjoyable way.  Good luck to you and I don't even care about the remark that started all this.




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i do not think obama will go down as a great president although he is not the bad man that the fringe right make him out to be. i have been very disappointed in obama; he makes good speeches but then caves at every turn. when he cut a deal with big ins and big pharma to dump the public option he lost me. when he invaded afghanistan and began bombing pakistan i realized he was just another tool of the corporate interests who run this country. when he declined to prosecute the bush/chaney war criminals i realized he was not much better than they were. he caved on making the rich pay their fair share. he is awol on wisconsin after promising to march with them. he has done nothing about the "free trade" agreements and outscourcing that are killing our jobs. frankly i see little difference between him and the senate dems and the republians. he serves wall street and special corporate interests, just as they do. i supported him last time but not this time. we have a saying in texas that you dance with the one who brought you. we brought obama to the dance but he turned his back on us and batted his eyes at the special corporate interests and wall street. we aint' going to be there for him next time and he is going to be thrown out on his *** just as he deserves unless the repubs are so stupid to nominate an idiotic as like palin or gingrich or huckaby, et al. they are all bad - just tweedle dees and tweedle dums. i will support only a true progressive/populist in the future. obama fooled me once, but not again.

this history sound unreal