Bleach Always Surprises Me.

i was watching bleach the other night and ichigo was facing off ulquiorra. ulquiorra had just said to orihime to watch as the man in whom she's put all her trust is about to die. i kept on thinking that ichigo would do something, anything. but as i see the cero being charged i thought " no f****** way, there is no way that ichigo can survive that, he has to do something!" then after the cam pans out and the cero fires i see the hole in his chest i'm like"what!!! that's impossible!!! they CANT just kill him like that!" then ichigo goes completely beast hollowfied form and that's when i realize why i love Bleach so much. it always surprises me. always.
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2 Responses Sep 17, 2012

THAT SCENE WAS SO F***ING SEXY, just orgasmic

i loved the episode last night it was so sad though when uliquiorra died i cried a little he just wanted to be loved :(

i know right? its crazy how not even 15 minutes before, ulquiorra was a total over powered mo fo, and then later he just turns to ash or dust or whatever that was.