What's Sweeter Than Candy? Bleedinglovelust!!!

I've only been talking to her for a few days but it feels just as if it's been years. I'm glad I found her on here and I hope nada changes her, ever. She's a perfect example of how a person should be. Sorry I can't come up with anything else right now, I'm all sweat from my workout while typing this. Yeah I know, awkward timing to do that, right? Well either way, I hope this has somehow cheered you up, even by a mere fraction. Talk soon bella.

P.S. - Yes, the logo IS inappropriate! True beauty needs to be shown in FULL colours!! Let this message be to you CuriosityKitten =P Just kidding, black and white works just fine. <333

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Oh, she needs to address her comments. Bad girl.

No, she's talking about unlimit. He blocked her. Accidentally.

Unblock you? o_O But I never blocked you. =/

*Pouts,"I give up. Thanks girls."*Grins,"Much love to both of you."*Raises his hands, making a heart sign,"There!"

*Chuckles as he glances at BLL and CK,"Well, what can I say? I just hope I'm making your experience here better. You two are certainly are succeeding at that and I hope we can eventually make something huge out of it."*Clears his throat,"Hooray for my speech. That almost sounded lame though..Lol!"

Well, I know BLL will agree that you're at least the most adorable thing we've ever seen. *pokes him in the belly, making a cute face at him*

*bl<x>inks and blushes,"Well, let's not go too far."*Slaps at her asscheek before poking his tongue out*

You are definitely a charmer. *grins*

*Shifts his eyes,"I could but...But the clients don't even go close to how amazing you two are."*Pouts playfully

Can you have that type of relationship with your clients? *sneaky grin*

I wonder at times, why wasn't life set up in such a way that CK and BLL happen to be regular clients at the gym I work at? We would have been already going at it. If you know what I mean. *Shifts his eyes sneakily*

Too bad for them!! *giggle*

Gawd it's all I can think of now. Not even at work I'll be able to concentrate. Poor clients I'll end up ignoring because of you two. ;)

I think she'd be okay with that. Actually, I KNOW she'd be okay with that.<br />
<br />

Lol, that just gave me an amazing image. BLL, CK and me, in one bed...Wow...*Drool dribbles from the corner of his lips as he remains speechless*

Oh!! Well, then.....*smiling wickedly*.....I think we should "flood" her.<br />
<br />

Lol. *Growls playfully,"I think we should move back to private messages. We're gonna flood BLL's story and she'll go nuts."

Show off.

*Chuckles and pouts once more just to show off*

You look cute when you pout. *grins*

*Winces before he chuckles, biting at her cheek lightly,"Alright you got a point there, I'll have to shush and sulk in my failure now."*Pouts

Grrr.....*playfully biting at you*<br />
<br />
She looks wonderful in ALL colors.

Lol! CuriosityKitten, don't make me argue with you about her picture. Gurrrr. =D

No way....I LOVE that photo of her!! She's a retro, sexy, rocker chick. <br />
<br />
And I'm sure she tastes like candy.