Power of Pure Thought and Positive Perception

I replaced a guy at work - a production worker who, apparently, spent so much time thinking about BLL that his production tailed right off and they finally had to let him go.  I ran in to him the other day -this  'Bll casualty' - said: "Sorry 'bout your job ."   He said,   "You kiddin' me?   I'm showered with riches every day.   I couldn't be happier.  People just come up and give.  More than I could mention.  They just have a need to stand close by, like they can catch a draft of what they see as something."  I could clearly see he felt sorry for me, that I had to go back to his old job,  the next day.

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What or who is Bleedinglustlove?

She was a 26 year old artist, model, musician, -stand-up comedian, one time, but more: -She was a creative personality that exuded strength and beauty- and, in the utmost of adversity,- presented herself with innocence, grace and compassion. -She was damn near everything.