Potion For a Tired Traveller

I'd been driving for a while and I was feeling tired when I came through this town,  - needed to stop and stretch and I saw this old motor inn that had a sign out front that proclaimed: 'Bleedinglovelust Potion Sold Here'.   I didn't know what it was but it sounded invigorating for a weary kind of guy, so I pulled over and went inside the Tavern door.  There was no one there and the bartender was not at his station, but I could hear some kind of sounds coming from the stairway that led to the rooms up top.  There was a long corridor and I could hear voices emanating from the numbered half-closed doors.  I heard laughter, from one, screams from another,  and  from a completely closed one, the unmistakeable tie loosening, utterings of, yeah, -passion.  At the end of the hall I saw an old-timer who looked like Santa Claus.  I said : "Say, you don't know where I can get some of that Bleedinglovelust potion, do you"?  He looked at me and said, " You ain't from around here, that's for sure, you don't know but the plant had an accident and they've closed it down,  -there was a leakage into the  water table and half the population has been affected.  People have been seen running up tree trunks and jumping off of branches.  One poor fool tried flying a shopping cart to the moon" "Wow"  I said,  "Do they know of any long term affects?"   " Who knows" he replied.  I looked at my watch. " Well, thanks for your time, I hope everything'll be alright.  I think I got time for a beer downstairs, if the bartender is there."   He looked at me then blurted out, and he almost swallowed his teeth:  " A beer.  Are you nuts?  -Drink the 'frigging' water"

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2 Responses Dec 16, 2008

You should see what she did to EP. Yup, she's worldwide now.

I don't know what to say. This is beautiful.

I wrote this years ago when I was Unlimit, -I loved her and wrote mad stuff for her. I even bought a bus ticket to visit her in Oklahoma which I never used