One of a Kind

I want to say that I have met really amazing people here on EP that have inspired me and continue to inspire me. Among them was BleedingLoveLust. 

I met BleedingLoveLust through one of her poems "Piano" and I was inspired by it. I felt she painted a picture of her soul freeing itself from the pains of reality through her piano. It was the most beautiful poem I've ever read from anyone here on EP. I've seen very talented ppl here but this poem really touched me and later on I was really honored to have her in my circle.

After seeing her pictures, artwork, and other poems, I came to the conclusion that her beauty really expresses itself through her creativity. I felt that if one really wanted to get to know bleedinglovelust, read her poems and look at her artwork.


She's a star in my eyes. I was and am still a BleedingLoveLust fan



Tummie Tummie
26-30, M
1 Response Feb 17, 2009

Thank you Tendereyes :) ((((((Tendereyesprincess)))))))