Speeding Ticket

A blond woman was speeding down the road and got pulled over by a female cop,also a blond. the cop asked the blond for her license ,so the driver asked,"Whats it look like"? The cop said its a little rectanguler thing with your picture on it.the driver looked in her purse and pulled out a makeup mirror and handed it to the cop. the cop looked at it and said "Oh ,I didnt know you were a cop,you can go"
thezigzagman thezigzagman
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3 Responses Feb 5, 2012

wait...now im realy confused...who was in the mirror??

Hahahahahahahahaha! Great one! : P

Do you know why blond's shoes all have "tgif" written near the heel? It's to tell them: toes go in first! : ) )

That's funny , reminded me of what my boss used to say to me years ago ,he'd tell me I was so dumb that I couldn't pour **** out of a boot if the instructions were on the bottom ! ; ))



Ha Ha HA, really liked that.