The Cashier

So this is the first blonde joke I ever made up so be nice.

So a man is in a hurry at a store. There are 2 lines, the one in the left with a brunette the other with a blonde. The one with the brunette has a 2 hr wait, while the one with the blonde has no line at all. The man went to the blondes register.

Man: I would like to buy this bread *puts bread on counter*
Blonde: what do you want me to do with this
Man: scan it
Blonde: how do I do that
Man: up you move the barcode over the laser
Blonde: what's a barcode

2 hrs later

Man: how much will that be
Blonde: one hundred dollars
Man: thats one dollar
Blonde: there's a one and two zeros and there's a strange dot on screen
Man: that's a decimal point between the dollars and change * hand her one dollar*
Blonde: you still owe me ninety nine dollars
Man: no I just payed you
Blonde: *contacts manager*

Now the managers also a blonde

Manager: what's the problem
Blonde: this man owes me ninety nine dollars and won't pay
Man: it says one dollar and that's what I gave her
Manager: that says one hundred dollars now pay her or I call security
Man: I already payed her
Manager: * contacts security*

So the man was taken to jail by a blonde police officer who naturally agreed with them. 2 weeks later he is now in court. The judge is of course blonde.

Judge: so you wouldn't pay. I'll have you know I have the receipt right here and it says one hundred dollars,
Man: that's a decimal point between the one and first zero making it one dollar.
Judge: back talk will only make this worse sir. What do you have to say for yourself.
Man: it only costs a dollar.
Judge: do you have someone to call to the stand sir?
Man: yes I Max the mathematician to the stand.

The mathematician is a blonde, you probably figured that out by now
Max: *looks at receipt* that's one hundred dollars.
Man: *looks at receipt* how do you not see the decimal point!?
Judge: you had no right to get out of your stand. Sit down. I sentence you to the electric chair.
Mn: that was outlawed years ago.
Judge: I thought I told you to stop back talking.

Th man is now on the electric chair. His executioner is a blonde (duh)

Executioner: do you have any last words.
Man: it only costs a dollar.
Executioner: I looked at it and it costs $100. *pulls switch*

This is the first blonde joke I ever made up so be nice. I actually made it up as i went along. I hope you enjoy this very long blonde joke.
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you deserve one hundred dollars for that joke. haw haw haw

Thank you!