I Love This Anime.

I got hooked on this anime the second i saw the movie Blood: The Last Vampire. I saw that and didn't want it to end, then i got hooked on the series and watched all 50 episodes on youtube. i simply did not want it to end. i love the characters, and the way that the story goes, and just everything about it. i just love it and i'm actually watching volume 3 on dvd right now...i love Haji and Solomon haha...but i just absolutely love the entire show. the last episode made me sooo sad! it took FOREVER for Haji to confess his love, and then he turns around and dies. it was the saddest thing ever! I love also how it's consistent. gahhh i just love this anime. it's my favoritest thing ever. <3

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omg lol this is awesome cuz i watched the movie last friday and over the whole weekend i was a nerd and watched the whole anime serier :)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvLa2oMNCv4 This is a treat for all of you Blood Plus lovers.

blood: the last vampire is basically the same thing, it's just a longer movie...it's drawn differently and it's during a different time period. I didn't know either until i watched it...<br />
Saya didn't die, Diva did. Saya killed her, then she decided to take care of the babies Diva was carrying. Then Hagi died at the very end after he confesses his love for Saya. it's really amazing, you should finish watching = ]<br />
The full length real-action movie of Blood: The Last Vampire comes out July 10th, and it looks like it's Blood + and the movie. I can't wait!!! = ]

hagi was still alive at the very very end he didnt die....i wouldve cried lol

ohh....i thought that blood:the last vampire is another anime....how stupid of me....well, i haven't watched the last 8 episodes of blood +, but i saw some spoilers in the net....can i just ask if saya died, and what also happened to diva? did something horiblbe happened to her?

i want to watch it again. it was the saddest thing ever. i'm almost crying just thinking about it!

I fell totally in love with this anime!!!<br />
Its amazing its just so good and addictive.<br />
I love Haji.the last episode was heaps sad i have to agree.Haji confessed his love then he like dies i was crying.saddest thing ever.<br />
This anime is my favourite aswell.