Love of Blood

I have always found blood interesting now I work around it all the time. If your seriously interested in it you should look into Phlebotomy. I love it.

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No tips on drawing your own blood you cant draw your own from the typical median cubital area and as for drawing others DO NOT try it without proper training and certification drawing from the arm if not properly trained most would think "OOOO VEIN" and stick it in which you could unknowing nick the Brachial, Ulnar, or Radial Artery and a person could bleed out. Phlebotomists are trained to recognize the signs. So the only tip I have is Certify as a Phlebotomist. And its also Illegal to do so unless you are Certified. (Example If your drawing blood recreationally which sounds like you want to do it for fun) Say a person bleeds internally and dies because of it that would be man slaughter most DA Prosecutors would probably go for Murder 2 even Murder 1. So yeah dont mess with Medical procedures unless you are trained to do them no matter how harmless they may seem. Im trained and I never mess with it outside a Clinic or hospital setting.

blood is beautiful. wahhh i wish you could teach me how to draw blood! I want to learn to draw my own and my partner's. any tips?

Ya just be careful if you drink from someone else. Blood is a pathogen and you can receive many unpleasant things from drinking other peoples blood.

hmm if discofunkster is weird then what will you think me to be? sorry to say, but i love blood! not in the "it's interesting" kind of way, but in th way, that i love the taste of it, the feeling of it, and the sight of it dribbling from a wound... i've drunk blood many times, from myself and others, and i feel slightly addicted to it! It might be wierd, but I love the metallic, salty and yet sweet taste of it...

Ok, that last comment was just really freaking weird now. Wow.<br />
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Anyway, I think I know what you mean about enjoying phlebotomy...I am a CMA, and I used to work as a Certified Phlebotomist in Iowa City, at a plasma donation center there. I really liked it, too - it was actually pretty fun most of the time! <br />
Pretty much, health care had always been my one dream career; the one career I was damned good at, and I knew it, too. That all started to crumble away slowly as soon as I graduated school, though. See, around here, Medical Assistants don't hardly get paid squat; doctor's offices around here just use the students from school while they are doing their six-week externship, (during that time, we had to work for free), and then when they graduate, they just trade them in for a new 'round of externs. That way, the doctors don't have to spend money hiring new staff. And if they do hire a medical assistant, they only pay, at the most, about $8.50 an hour. Now, I don't know about other people, but I know I can't live on that, no way!!! The other thing I did was this: I spent time and money becoming a Certified Medical Assistant; I went back to school on a Continuing Education Basis, and took a three-hour-long test to become certified so I could receive a card saying I was a CMA, which is really just a fancier way of showing the medical community that you really know your stuff. And then every year, you pay about $90.00 (and re-take the test using a test booklet you can look up the answers with), and receive a card to carry in your billfold showing that you're certified. And after all of that, it all comes down to this: You are given a job where you practically do everything that a nurse can do and then some, and you get paid the amount you'd get paid down at McDonald's. It's very disheartening. It was for me, anyway, and healthcare was honestly my first love.<br />
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I also am trained in computer and clerical work, (thank God), and I just landed a really good job at AT&T, and I start Monday...I'm gonna be making really good money. I ffeel really good about's gonna help us out a lot, so I am really happy about it, and I love challenges, so I'm ready! LOL!<br />
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I don't want to be too weird but I don't mind the taste of blood - not to say I'm a psycho vampire who drinks it, but if i have blood in my mouth, I don't vomit.<br />
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It's probably related a little bit to the taste of snot but i haven't tasted snot for many years. <br />
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I wouldn't taste other peoples snot or blood - I'm not weird you know....<br />
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Spit, I don't really mind as long as it's kissing spit and not a big greeny that someone spat in my face. <br />
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I'll stop talking now.

Are you seriously asking that? I hate having a period I love to do Venipunctures