I Am Inlove

I love Blue October so much!

First, i fell inlove with HateMe, then I just fell deeper and deeper!

I discovered all their other work!

OOOh man! I could seriously listen to them forever and never get sick of them!

Awww HRSA and Drop and probably my two faves! xO

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5 Responses Oct 6, 2007

Hate Me rocks.

HRSA was my first fav. of them *LOL* if that makes any sense...... <br />
<br />
of course, you listen to one song and then another then another.. and now i couldnt tell you what my favorite was if i tried...

They had their moments...one show would be really good then the next would be subpar. I remember seeing them for the first time and then the next time I saw them they sounded so different. It was only 2 weeks later. I couldn't understand why they sounded like a different band.

I used to watch Blue October in 1997-98 when I lived in San Marcos, Texas. They were living there at the time and played weekly at least. They weren't that good then to be honest. The best part of the show was the violin pla<x>yer and he was the focus. They always finished the show with "Devil Went Down to Georgia".

I love the song Amazing!