Blue Blue Blue. I Love You!

Blue. Blue Blue. I love my Blue.

My Blue called me just now. He sand me a song, told me he loved me and that was all.

My Blue made me smile deep down inside.

Thank you Blue.

I needed that.


I love you!!!


Mello Mello 26-30, F 14 Responses Dec 3, 2008

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YES!!!! :)


I still smiled.....doesn't that count for something? :)

Awwww.... :(

I told Blue that and he chuckled.

I like my joke... :(

I didn't think it was possible but your jokes are worse than Blues :P

Grass!!!! I was just kidding about the wheels. :P

Giggle now.

Sugar!!! I bet you will. ;)

For a non-green, blue is pretty good.

I have no idea Mello. I'm terrible at jokes. What is green and has six wheels?

Hooray!!! Sugar, be sure to take care of his cold! He needs oranges.

My joke well has run dry. My jokes are better than Blue's jokes any day!!!


Maybe because Mello's jokes ooze cuteness.

Bassy!!!! What is green and has 6 wheels?

BASS sings to Sugar all the she makes my heart sing.....and skip a beat.....and get all gooshy

Bring on the jokes-lol

I can take it :)

*does the mush bucket sway*

Does bassy sing to sugar???

Oh wait... bass players don't sing!!! Silly Mello.


Blue must be wearing off on me. I'm making dumb jokes now too!!!

Mush :)

Aww indeed!!!

Nope. It was. "I just called, to say, I Looooooove You." He has a gorgeous voice too.