Blueberry Kisses

I love them

and so dose my granddaughter

after she eats them and is covered in blueberries

she gives me big blueberry kisses


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Hmmmmm....making me think of the warm caressing breezes of August when picking blueberries at the U-pick farms is a family tradition. My daughter likes to coach me:<br />
"You have to get down on the ground and pick low for the juiciest ones."

Me to i love blueberries aswell lol. I want some blue berry pancakes right now . I guess i shud make some maybe .lol eventhough iam mad ...Might be stressless then lol...

ooh, blueberries are brain food? i knew they were healthy, but i didn't know that part. that's good to know!<br />
<br />
aww, blueberry kisses, so cute! :)

Well in case you don’t know blue barriers are brain food. <br />
There is a natural chemical in blue berries that helps the brains learning process. <br />
When I was taking a math course I ate tons of blueberries and past it. <br />