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Buddy Guy

Just saw Buddy Guy tonight at the Rialto Theatre in Joliet, Illinois. Jimmie Vaughn opened with his Tilt-A-Whirl Band. I've seen Buddy Guy before and he is always a treat. Tonight, he followed his M.O. of originals, covers, and imitating past Blues greats. He gave his good friend Eric Clapton (who got the idea for the power trio Cream after seeing Buddy Guy's 3-piece play in England in 1965) a tip of the cap when he played a little bit of "Strange Brew" and an extended instrumental jam on "Sunshine Of Your Love." He also went cordless for a long jam up and down the aisles of the theatre with his fans following him as if he were the Pied Piper. Buddy Guy will be 75 this summer.
Moontan Moontan 56-60, M 3 Responses Mar 26, 2011

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missed him when he was down here........too broke to spend the night

I love Buddy Guy. I had the opportunity to see BB King and Buddy Guy as they played the same about salt and was the perfect gentleman..Buddy was Buddy..but he had the crowd moving in west palm beach! I also met him in the Blues Fest there.

I love Buddy. I've been going to his concerts for a long time. Sometimes he does stunning M O, as you mention. But sometimes, he just keeps playing, and the channel to another place opens. Then he is transporting.