Blues And Soul

I am a Blues guitar player, and recently have become more interested in other Roots music. Although I like traditional Blues, I really love R&B, and love discovering recordings I've never heard from the past. I like listening to all kinds of music, but I play mostly R&B and Blues. 

Like all guitar players, I regret ever selling a single guitar I've had over the years, and I've had more than a few. Some I will never replace. They call it the musician's saving plan, you buy a guitar on payments, and pay the interest, then a few years later when you need money for rent or to fix your car, you sell it at a loss. Anyway, if you wanna hear some down and dirty, gritty blues, listen to Geechie Wiley sing "Last kind Word Blues'. You can almost hear the Great  Depression starting in the background. I like all the old standard R&B artists, like Louis Jordan, Frankie 'Half Pint' Jackson, and the newer ones like Al Kooper, Wynonie Harris, Wilson Pickett, and Johnny Otis. I like pretty much anything that's catchy and has a good beat or hook, so the list is really quite long. Lately I've been listening to Little Miss Higgins and Jill Barber, I love the old time sound these ladies have. 

Sydgrrl Sydgrrl
46-50, T
Mar 9, 2010