Now, I am not very fond of most board games, in fact, I have a strong grievance towards them. All except Clue. I adore Clue for simply one reason... I always win. Because unlike board games where its the luck of the dice or card or spin, Clue can have more of a strategy during play. All you have to do is carefully watch and memorize every other persons' guess. All give you my tips for the ensured way to always win Clue:

1. Simple. Mark off all the cards you have you your note pad thing.
2. Always put the name/initials of the person who shows you a card after you make your clue. (i.e. suppose that player A shows you the knife. Mark his initials next to that card.)
3. This one you'll have to keep close attention to all guesses and who shows the cards to the other people, write down their names next to the boxes and check them off when you sure no one has them. (i.e. if a player asks someone for the knife and Professor Plum in the kitchen, player C shows a clue and you already know that A has the knife and B has the professor, then you know that player C has the kitchen.)
4. To help yourself within the game, and dishelp others by remembering (or mark off) the cards that you show to each player. If a player forgets and asks you for the same card twice along with another card you hold, show her the card you previously showed them.
5. Keep track if all players have asked for the same room, person, or weapon then you know that card is in the folder so circle whatever card that may be on your note pad.
6. The game will move by fast like this with the fewer players you have, but using these tactics you are sure to win.
Chasing4flowers Chasing4flowers
18-21, F
May 5, 2012