Small Boats Are Stuff Dreams Are Made of

The odd small boat, whether it's one of those long narrow Chinese river boats, a small tug with a one lunger engine, or a Peep Hen, always catches my attention. Something one could live on, but in the same sense as living in a refrigerator carton. I'm not talking yacht class.

Living on the water has always had an irresistible appeal to me, even more so when I imagine doing so in something not much more involved than one of those long narrow Chinese boats or a san pan with 2 boards sticking out over the stern where you could squat and relieve yourself. Yeah, I know. Current EPA and Coast Guard regulations prohibit that. Still, in my little fantasy, this is doable.

I can just imagine sliding upstream on some little snippet of a river down South, somewhere in coastal Georgia, finding some nice quiet spot just around the bend, buried deep in the grassy marsh, black water, where I can just kick back, drop a cane pole in the water, and catch my dinner.

Your bath water comes from a bucket you dip over the side. So does the water for your coffee and the beans and rice you're simmering to go with the fish you're about to catch.

Nowhere to go. Nothing to do. Fish. Read a book. Immerse yourself in nature. Whatever. An odd little boat would make that possible.

Or you could take an old VW CAMPMOBILE body and anchor it to a pair of pontoons, throw on an outboard, and you've got a hippy boat to end all boats. Flower power on the water. Yep.

Just a thought.

More like a dream.

Trade you some catfish for a chicken. Sounds like good neighbor trading to me.

Saw some impressionist painting of a guy sitting in a tiny little boat with a huge cabin. Pretty sure that was me in the picture. Had to be. Just floating away.

Here's a nice spot under a big old tree hanging out over the water. Nice place to spend the night, or a day, or just never ever leave.

An odd small boat would have made that possible, that and the guts to do it.

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