My Top Ten Bob Dylan Songs

1.Blowin' in the Wind
2.Mr Tambourine Man
3.Just Like a Woman
4.The Times they are a changin'
5.Like a Rolling Stone
6.Lay Lady Lay
7.Knockin' on Heavens Door
8.Blind Willie Mc Tell
9.Don't think twice ,its all right
10.It's all over now baby blue.

What a brilliant songwriter Bob Dylan is,his music was out before my time however I soon discovered it in my teens.His voice is one you will either love or hate,really there is no middle ground.I could sit for hours on end and get lost in his words,they are so deep and full of meaning.
Other bands have used his music and made them into huge international hits,such as The Seekers and The Hollies which helped them in their path to international fame.
I understand the younger generation may not have a clue what I am writing about,if you are fortunate enough not to know I suggest you listen to some of Dylans tracks,above I have listed my all time top ten.
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thank you,a wonderful contribution.

You're welcome. I've enjoyed that 2 volume set since I was a teenager. My favourite track is Leon Russell's version of Jumpin' Jack Flash.

If you haven't already heard it, listen to Dylan's live performance at George Harrison's Concert For Bangladesh (Aug. 1, 1971 in New York City) - five songs including your top three.

Sounds wonderful,indeed I will have a listen,thank you.

I love Mr Tambourine especially where he sing the lines<br />
The haunted frightened trees<br />
Out to the windy beach<br />
Far from the twisted reach<br />
Of crazy sorrow<br />
<br />
Cant get enough of that particular piece of lyrical genius

Great song.

Cherrybelly,you are correct they are less well known however still great songs,thank you for your comment.

Don't know blind willie mctell & don't think twice its alright!? Grew up with the others remember loving blowin in the wind as a child then others as a teenager

Absolutely,you have made very valid points and I really do appreciate your feedback,taking time out to comment is always welcome whether you agree or disagree with me.Dylan is a legend and his music will live in me for the rest of my days.

These songs of Dylan's take me back to when I lived at home with my Mum,Dad and elder brother in the 1970's.My brother was introduced to Dylan by a teacher and listened to him alot at home.I grew to like his songs and so did my Dad.My Mum thought it was tuneless racket(some people have no taste).!!I admit he is an acquired taste.<br />
I recently bought the Best of Album for my son as no record collection is complete without it.He is a wise man and a poet<br />
I loved his radio programme too which was played last year in the UK.He's definitely one of a kind.