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An American Original

What does one say about a legend,who has had three biographies,an autobiography and untold "song analysis" written about him? Has he changed the course of rivers;does he pollute the moon and stars? Well perhaps not but he has perhaps done something just as difficult-he has changed the way we think. Angry radicals have appropriated his lyrics for themselves,and while it may not take a weatherman to tell which way the wind is blowing...Bob wants none of it ,vigorously eschewing the mantle of voice of a generation,spokesperson,or any other implication that he is prophet by proxy. Uncle Bobby as my friend always calls him is the original lone wolf.There is the folk Bob,electric Bob,apocalyptic Old Testament Bob. Some are angered by this;I know a fellow who finally "washed his hands of Dylan in the eighties-"Hes a secular humanist,a born-again Christian,a Born again Jew!", But for those who love music "Uncle Bobby is part of the essentials. Now,as he goes through these changes,he is not unduly upset if you'rte not with him but he will gladly welcome you back should you change your mind.See,BD is writing the chronicle of his life and while he gladly shares his experience with us. But you're always free to find your own way,same as him.There are always those musical purists who find ffault with his voice. Now I admit there are few choirs in this world who would know what to do with his nasal-twang but I,for one am of the school that believes his sinnging voice is like a musical instrument and must be judged by its own unique qualities and not compared to other "orchestral pieces.I have left the words ,appropriately enough for last.While not a poet,strictly speaking,he does have a gift for the English language-a wordsmith. I will not try to give examples-it would be a futile and frustrating enterprise at best. Just too much territory to cover and do justice to for a career that has spanned over forty years! Still anyone who could write Stuck Inside of Mobile(with the Memphis Blues Again) knows how to communicate. Feel free to insert your own personal fave,as I said Bob would undoubtedly approve/l
bookerdana bookerdana 51-55, M 2 Responses Mar 12, 2012

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My dear friend, have u not taken a look in the mirror lately? Do u not realize that YOU have changed the way we think? I'm going to say that your humble approach to life is going to disagree with me. Who says u have to be a household name to touch the heart and soul of others? Why without u I may still be completely unaware of my spelling errors *gasp* without u I would have less of a chuckle in my day, and without u this place just wouldn't be the same! So move over bob dylan...make room for bookerdana..he's closer to our hearts than anyone I only know through my radio! :)

Have I looked in a mirror lately?(!!!)If I didn't,I'd look like Tgilly's stitched avatar,or someone only bianca,the "bearded lady" would appreciate! Thanks for the kind words....actually some of your "spelling errors" have given me the best chuckles.....go sit next to son of satire(sartre) really brought out the laugh track. Like the new avie!! Had no idea WHAT you looked like before,but its all good,Smiley................................peace

Can u even understand what he is saying? Lol..


ME,the author of the piece,BOOKS..nowadays he's really raspy,but on the early songs,"Positively Fourth St",you can't understand?
I think Dylan might be the most influential songwriter of the 60s,took us from teen love to social issues,to idiosyncratic confessional songs[Its all Over Now,Baby Blue]