So I have performed 9 piercings on myself. one in each ear. each nipple. 2 PA's. a behind the glans reverse PA (i forget the actual name). an ampallang and a frenulum piercing. All but the ears have been done within the last year and a half. Some of them I no longer have. The 2 PA's are gone, stretched them too fast and did them too close together, so eventually wound up with a meatotomy. The nipples never healed so I just took them out. I now have slightly larger nipples, but would like to try again. get them professionally done this time. And the behind the glans piercing I removed. It healed, but was damned uncomfortable. And I closed up almost immediately. To date I only have one piercing that was done professionally. It a guiche. Love it. Probably one of my favorites. That and the Frenulum are awesome. I want to get more done. I'm thinking an apadrayva, a pubic and maybe one other. I'm open to suggestions.
oriontilde oriontilde
22-25, M
Nov 28, 2012