I'm going to keep this short but later I'll elaborate a little bit. I started getting modifications May 2012.
I'll go in order
Ears: sometime as a really young kid
Septum: May 2012
Belly button: May 2012
Industrial bar in left ear: May 2012
Cartilage in right ear: May 2012
Hair dyed: May 2012
Half sleeve on left arm: May 2012
Ears stretched to 14g: May 2012
Snakebites: July 2012
Middle labret: July 2012
Tragus right ear: August 2012
Finished left sleeve: September 2012
Nipples: September 2012
VCH: September 2012
Teardrop dermals (one on each side): October 2012
Ears stretched to 12g: December 2012
Left hip/rib tattoo (basically from my waist to armpit on my left side): January 2013
Ears stretched to 10g: January 2013
Ears stretched to 8g: March 2013
Start of right sleeve: May 2013
Right sleeve completed: June 2013
F cup implants: July 2013 ( I love these to death)
Ears stretched to 6g: September 2013
Upper back piece/back of neck: October 2013
Hip microdermals (2 on each side): December 2013
Lower back piece: January 2014
Lower back microdermals: January 2014
Ears stretched to 4g: January 2014
Bridge piercing: February 2014
Back of hands: March 2014
Ears stretched to 2g: March 2014
Waistline tattoo: April 2014
Ears stretched to 0g: May 2014
Middle back piece (My entire back is now fully tattooed): May 2014
Sidecut (got my right side shaved off): May 2014
Neck sleeve: June 2014
Side of head tattoo: July 2014
Ears stretched to 00g: July 2014
Tongue piercing: August 2014
Teardrop dermals (I added one on each side, so now I have two on each side): August 2014.

That's all I have. I am DEFINITELY getting my entire chest done, and my right side done. I'm considering getting a leg sleeve, and my upper stomach. Thanks.
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You are BEAUTIFULLY modified :)