Tail Fantasy

I do not have body mods (I had some piercings in the past but let them close). However, I have entertained a strong desire for an extreme body mod for many years. Unfortunately, it is only a fantasy and in all likelihood will remain as such only : I do not know whether it is feasible, and even if so, I will never find a doc ready to do it.
Well, in short : I would like to have my penis transplanted at the bottom of my back, just above my *** crack. If still functional, all the better (although I would be ready to consider a  non-functional one). Add to that a severe reduction of the scrotum, sewn to the body in the middle of it so that the testes would only marginally be visible (the overall look would be close to puffy labia), and an urethral reroute of course.
It would be close to a penectomy, while still keeping a “tail” that could be stimulated, either during assplay or of its own.
Am I the only weirdo on this Earth with such a fantasy or would there be anyone sharing it ?
Smoothy75 Smoothy75
36-40, M
Nov 26, 2012