Smoking With the Body Paint


I have been a fan of girls in body paint for a long time.  It is very sexy to see the curves of a woman in a natural way with out it being deemed as *****.

I have gotten a few and I will post them in my profile.

For Kara3 at her request....



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Love your work,I´ve been bodypainting for 12 years ( and the more I do the more I realise how much more I have to learn. Please have a look at my site,any suggestions ,hints would be welcome

It is what I plan on doing and would love to have takers....

Glad that you liked it........<br />
<br />
Could be you in that picture...LOL two are soo cute but uhhhh no the boyfriend wouldnt let you hold a paintbrush near me lol....he is quite protective of his territory he just allows the ladies to have me .......he doesnt even need to be there its nice most men wouldnt be that way

Okay... I'll play by the rules. I promise... hehe

Ah, I think if her bf is there she won't mind another guy assisting in the painting. :))<br />
<br />
Its the taking off we may be excluded on. HA.

Not that I don't want to partake... just responding to justenticeme. she said it had to be a lady painting her.. ;-)

lol ....i can only imagine what miss random would come up with so ieave her to that creativity just for you two .....this is the same girl who has coca cola bbq chicken .......who in the world came up iwth that idea lol

No partaking chris? <br />
<br />
I don't think Fungirl will let you sit on the side. ;-)<br />
<br />
Entice - If you need to bring your bf then have him come along. What would you like to be painted as?<br />
<br />
Nude - what do you think would be a good design for these two?<br />
<br />
FG - Same question, what design would look good on you?

let the painting begin. I'll just be the judge if that is okay? hehe

it has to be with a lady though my boyfriend may have an issue with me painting with a man other than him lol

I have not used finger paints in years. This sounds like fun.

lol sounds crazy enough for me find me a painting partner and im game :)

My thoughts exactly..........fingers on, tongues off............<br />
<br />

ohhh well now that is a whole different ball game edible paints now we are talking so there ......hell if its edible paints we can use our mouths to clean up lol

Na Na, can have the peanut butter on the side but since FG's paint is edible with it various flavors........clean up shouldn't be something that you girls would have to do alone.

oh ok chris lol....i was wondering about that one im all about experimenting with foods but couldnt concept the peanutt butter part although strawberries and whip cream sounds yummy hehe.....course the strawberries might not taste good mixed with paint we would have to be very careful which im very slow and subtle i wouldnt have a problem lol

How wonderful Enticing. The visual will be with me for a while. <br />
<br />
And as far as Peanut Butter goes...I thought peanuts were now bad for long term health, or is that only from plants in GA and TX?

The peanut butter is a long running joke between FG and I. It goes way back... long story.<br />
<br />
Okay... no latex... only body paint... ;-p

lol....sounds quite interesting ......peanutt butter though ?? ummm ok as long as its not liquid latex ..ladies and gents i will warn you now never never never ever try putting liquid latex on your body ex girlfriend from years back decided she wanted to cover me in that and i swear it took me 4 hours in the shower scraping that stuff off omg it hurt my body was red when i got out. But body paint sounds entertaining ive always had a fantasy to do that with another lady just rolling around in paint together and making a painting on the paper under us ((not sexual just fun )) a new form of abstract painting haha

Now to do this right the girls will have to be just in micro-bikini bottoms or nothing at all.

Yeah... I'm in. This is getting good... hehe

come on 4 hands 2 bodies that will work. FG has the flavors chris has the peanut butter..........mmmmmmmmmm........sounds good.

Body paint ? that is a new concept to me someone want to paint on me course im very small not much of me to paint lol....

yes yes no brushes just the fingers. *snicker*

i'll bring a 55-gallon barrel. okay.. where's the paint....<br />
<br />
i don't need a brush. I plan to do some finger painting... hehe

Great, got to talk to chris about the peanut butter, he may bring some

LMAO, I have edible body paint, but alas no peanut butter flavored. It is strawberry and blueberry. I have been painted before lol so I am game.

maybe. aske her... hehe

Think we could tie down Fungirl?

Yes that's right I need lots of practice. Problem is... finding the canvas...

Practice.......Practice.......Practice.......Practice.......Practice.......<br />
<br />
Just got to get someone to ***** and hold still while the brush goes over them ;-0

I'm not much of a painter mtv... But, I'll give it a good shot... :-)

Between Chris and I we could paint you up good. :-p

I'm not much of an artist... but I'd sure give it a shot...

Well who wouldn't want to be able to brush on a babe?<br />
<br />
Think that is a goal that is attainable. LOL

I like body paint as well. I think it's REALLY sexy. <br />
<br />
I also think it would be great to be the artist... ;-)