Adults And Piercings

I have had my share of piercings through the years and have stretched ears currently at 1inch and I have NEVER had as many problems with the piercings themselves as I have with the adult population and their views on modification. Especially living in Johnston county NC. To put the amount of discrimination we have : the johnston county welcome sign said "home of the KKK" some years back. Anyways, I'm well aware of these consequences but I get more hate from people on my ears than I do about my skin disease. And many even say if it wasn't for the disease I wouldn't have them because my confidence would be high. Sometimes I feel that the south is the only place this occurs. And there is as much discrimination as there used to be, the only difference is the topic has changed. I love body modification as you can tell, so I hope to see the acceptance of it flourish. As is everyone else I'm sure.
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1 Response May 22, 2012

Hang in there the amount of ink or piercings you have has nothing to do with your self esteem in my option.<br />
Just don't stretch your ears to far if you ever changed your mind you are looking at a bug medical bill to restore them, of course you may never change your mind you wont have a problem. Other than that live life on your own terms and enjoy it