Just a Couple...

When I was young, I had a girlfriend that wanted to get her nipples pierced.  Back then, that was unheard of and I never gave it much thought until later in life when I saw women on topless beaches with pierced nipples.  Now I find it such a turn on and think often about my old girlfriend and wonder if she got it done.

I had my wife talked into doing it and she made the appointment to get it done and had already gone into the parlour for a consult.  Days before, she told a friend that she was going to do it and her friend talked her out of it telling her it could cause scar tissue and deform her nipples.  Thwarted again!

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

Yes, I keep telling "we only live once"!

Who knows...maybe someday she'll change her mind back again. Bummer about the friend, thwarting ur plans!